Where it All Began 

When I was a little girl, my favorite thing about baking was stirring. There was something so satisfying about watching all the ingredients mix together into the delicious batter. I could never resist sneaking my finger into the batter to taste it. Every Saturday morning, my dad would take my sisters and I to the local Family Fare to pick out donuts (healthy I know). Every time, I found myself mesmerized by the lady decorating cakes. So much so, that my dad would literally have to set a time limit for how long I could stand there and watch her. I remember dreaming of the day I could be as talented as she was. I loved the idea of making something delicious and beautiful. Something that people couldn’t resist.


As The Cake Girl, you can assume I LOVE cake. Cakes and cupcakes are my specialty. Your Cake Girl also loves rollerblading, ice cream, and people. Most importantly people.  I love bringing people together. It’s funny, whenever I’m with my friends, we somehow always end up hanging out in the kitchen. Real talk. That’s where the food is. I love how food brings people together. Who doesn’t want to hang out in the kitchen when fresh cupcakes are coming out of the oven? Experimenting with new flavors is one of my favorite things to do. Even more exciting is having other people try them! While my list of volunteer “cupcake tasters” is growing, I’d love to add you to it! I hope you find a little taste of joy in indulging in Cake Girl delicacy, happy cupcaking!


Made from scratch with local, fresh ingredients, and most importantly, love

Classic Flavors: $2.00 each

Chocolate of Champions

Tempting chocolate cake with cream cheese icing

Pure Vanilla

Moist vanilla cake with cream cheese icing

Sprinkle of Joy

Funfetti cake with cream cheese icing

Best of Both Worlds

Vanilla and Chocolate cake deliciously marbled together with cream cheese icing

Ravin’ Red Velvet

Rich red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing

You must be Dutch Almond

Delicate almond cake with almond flavored cream cheese icing

Peanut Butter Goodness

Chocolate cake with Peanut Butter cream cheese icing

Sweetiepie Strawberry

Strawberry cake with cream cheese icing loaded with fresh pureed strawberries

O is for Oreo

Oreo loaded vanilla cake topped with Oreo cream cheese icing

Double Stuff Your Face Oreo

Chocolate Cake topped with Oreo cream cheese icing

Specialty Flavors: $2.50 each

Lovely Lemon

Moist lemon cake with zesty lemon cream cheese icing

Classic Carrot

Moist carrot cake with cream cheese icing

Cookie Butter Believe it

Cookie Butter cake topped with Cookie Butter cream cheese icing loaded with actual Biscoff cookies

Cinnamon Roll

Vanilla cake swirled with cinnamon and sugar, topped with a delicious cinnamon cream cheese icing


Fluffy banana cake topped with cream cheese icing



Don’t be Salty Salted Caramel

Moist vanilla cake filled with homemade salted caramel, iced with cream cheese icing

Peanut Butter Party

Chocolate Cake filled with rich chocolatey fudge, topped with peanut butter cream cheese icing and a Reese’s’ Peanut Butter Cup

White Chocolate Raspberry

White cake loaded with white chocolate chips, filled with decadent raspberry cream, topped with fresh raspberry cream cheese icing

Lemon Blueberry Extravaganza

Moist lemon cake laden with fresh blueberries topped with zesty lemon cream cheese icing

Give me S’more

A layer of delicate Graham Cracker crust under rich chocolate cake stuffed with marshmallow, topped with cream cheese marshmallow fluff icing

Key Lime Dream

A layer of delicate Graham Cracker crust under dreamy Key Lime cake topped with zesty Key Lime cream cheese icing


Tell me what you want and I would love to make it for you!

Where can you find cupcakes?

Bridge Street Market

405 Seward Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504


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